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David Morgan


David Morgan – Born 1947- Southampton, England.

David Morgan trained at the Southampton College of Art and Design. Upon completion of his studies, he decided to travel extensively through Western Europe, to gain artistic experience. He lived in Paris for some time, where he gained the confidence and ability which makes his work quite outstanding amongst his contemporaries.

Only a few artists can emulate his gift for distance, detail and lighting in his superb landscapes off rural England. His almost photographic quality manages to take you into the painting, as though you are participating in the view, such is the realism.

So compeling is his work that his reputation has extented far beyond his Hampshire roots. Whether it’s a view of Exmoor, Yorkshire or the Hampshire Downs, one can easily recognise the locality by the accuracy and sympathetic interpretation in his work.

Two decades of successful painting have resulted in many highly-praised exhibitions in some of the country’s most prestigious