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John Lewis Fitzgerald


John Lewis Fitzgerald – Born 1945 Leicestershire, England.

John Lewis Fitzgerald was born in a small Leicestershire village, the youngest child of the village cobbler. John’s peaceful and pastoral childhood cast a long-lasting influence on his life and work.

As a child John became particularly absorbed in portrayals of the local wildlife and landscape and thus established the future pattern of his life and art. In more recent years he has specialised in painting dogs and horses.

His work has been awarded ‘Best in Show’ at the British Watercolour Society and the British Society of Painters exhibitions five times for his canine and equine art.

John has also exhibited work in the USA.

The British Horse Society commissioned him to paint twelve pictures for their calendar to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary.

This talented artist has held many successful exhibitions over the years and his paintings have been featured in numerous impressive collections in the United States, Canada, West Germany and the United Kingdom.

He is a member of the Miniature Art Society of Florida, winning first place in watercolour during the Eleventh International Show held in 1986.